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JaCoLine - Viewing Historical Command Line #4415

Analysis Date JDK Operating System CPU Architecture Debug JVM?
2022-05-14 OpenJDK18 Windows x86 N
Switches Identified
Switch Analysis
Name Type Description Default Value Your Value
InitiatingHeapOccupancyPercent int The percent occupancy (IHOP) of the current old generation
capacity above which a concurrent mark cycle will be initiated
Its value may change over time if adaptive IHOP is enabled,
otherwise the value remains constant.
In the latter case a value of 0 will result as frequent as
possible concurrent marking cycles. A value of 100 disables
concurrent marking.
Fragmentation waste in the old generation is not considered
free space in this calculation. (G1 collector only)
45 in range(0, 100) 15
Analysis OK